Reliable Furnace Repairs & Installations in Calgary

Annual Maintenance

Utilities, including heating costs, are a major expense for the homeowner; your home’s heating system accounts for 40% to 60% of your energy usage. Maintenance ensures that your heating system will continue to run efficiently, safely, and reliably.

Regular maintenance does not guarantee that your furnace will never break down, but it will protect you against the cost of most unexpected and expensive repairs and it is the best thing you can do to extend the life of your existing heating system.

Furnace Repair and Replacement

Our journeymen are available to provide complete repair to all major brands of furnaces, and we can assess your home’s heating requirements to advise you on the best options for furnace replacement. We complete repairs and installations on-time and with care and attention-to-detail. We take pride in our work. Call us for a FREE in-home estimate.

The Goodman® Company (which includes Amana®) has been building quality air conditioning and heating equipment since 1982. Goodman® customers can be assured that their air conditioning and heating systems meet the highest industry standards and are installed by some of the best and most experienced professionals in the industry. You don't have to choose between affordability, durability and optimum cooling comfort. Install a Goodman brand furnace and/or air conditioner and get all three. Goodman products are easy-to-maintain and repair, and have some of the best warranties in the business. Goodman’s customer service is second to none.

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